Monday, 2 July 2012

this side of paradise.

our first spring delivery is now in store, so here's a little peek at what goes on behind the scenes. we shot the collection back in january when the sun was shining and it didn't get dark until after 6pm.. we spent most of the morning running around the park (after an early hair and make up start and a few coffee runs) and playing on a jungle gym in between shots. the location was truly a hidden gem, big thanks to our photographer trev for hiking through the outback to find the best secret spots to shoot. we'd also like to make a special thanks to h/m luana for a) making our amazing model look flawless and b) bringing her puppy for us to play with. shoots are always a blast, even when the afternoon delirium sets in so thanks to everyone involved grace, alyse, james and nick.

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